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Product Reviews
Product Reviews

Acne Fulimans

June 9th, 2009

Acne fulimans is not a type of acne most of us have ever heard of it, nor is it a type that most ever have to deal with or should have to deal with in their lifetimes.  While most of us suffer only from acne vulgaris and a few of us suffer from acne conglobata, acne fulimans is an entirely different creature.  It actually works more like a disease, working from the inside to tear apart the immune system.  It has been said to have multiple causes, but nobody has actually pinned down definite and provable options and causes of acne fulimans.  It has been treated with steroids in the past, and they have been found to be effective in part by reducing inflammation and raising estrogen levels to compensate for higher testosterone levels.  However, it is not treated with any normal acne treatments such as over the counter options or even Accutane.

Acne fulimans starts with pain and inflammation.  It then continues on to swell the lymph nodes, which explains in part the reason why the anti inflammatory properties of some steroids works to fight this type of acne.  Appetite completely disappears, resulting in extreme weight loss and deficiencies to say the least.  Joints also swell, and muscle mass completely disappears in many sufferers.  Some become completely unable to function. While treatment is always necessary, some may require actual hospitalization.  Some can also suffer from severe loss of bone density.  Others experience permanent and extensive damage to the digestive tract.  Sudden holes and damage to the skin have also been experienced, similar to that of the well known forms of a leper.  They can even be large enough to fit 2 full fingers into, and over time they are covered by crust, which has to be removed and can be extremely painful.  Acne fulimans does not appear in adulthood like some forms, but around the age of 13.  Early treatment is the best option.