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Product Reviews
Product Reviews

How To Shrink Pores

December 29th, 2009

We often think that if we shrink pores, we can finally get rid of acne, prevent acne, and we use natural treatments and other treatments alike to do so!  After all, if dirt and oil can’t get into the pores, why would you have acne?  Some even believe Accutane shrinks the pores.  But no, Accutane stops all oil production with a form of vitamin A.

Still, the myth prevails in so many ways.  Why would I say myth?  Because it is one!  Yes, we like the idea of shrinking pores, and ultimately speaking it makes sense.  There are ingredients that are proven to minimize pores and we expand pores with heat and then shrink them with cold water.  It all sounds good.

The problem is that when they say shrink pores, they mean minimize pores.  Pore size is genetic.  So if you have big pores like Oprah for example, you will always have big pores!  There is no way to get past it.  Yes, you can minimize them to a certain degree.  But you aren’t magically going to have tiny and invisible pores with the right treatment or approach.

So it’s more of be careful of your expectations.  Have reasonable and realistic expectations, and it will give you what it can.  But if you expect anything extreme or for that matter more than you had at an earlier age, you are not going to get it.  So obviously, don’t try to really shrink natural pore size.  It’s really not going to work out no matter how you think about it.